Racketball Competitions and Events

Racketball Mix-ins are held every few months and are open to anyone.

The next one is scheduled for  June 2022 starting 10 am please contact Richard on 07957 447 432 or email radjones@ntlworld.com if interested in participating.

This presents a perfect opportunity for members to invite friends and family to come along and give Racketball a go in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

There is no set format for these events, which are normally held from 10:00 am to Midday, but are designed to be suitable for players of all abilities and fitness.

Generally, on one court, for those of a competitive nature, there will be first to five points, winner stays on, and you carry your score forward.

On other courts there could be games of “Cut Throat”, “Dominion”, “Fast & Furious” taking place, or just plain vanilla singles or doubles games.

Whatever you fancy taking part in they are always good fun and a great way to meet other Racketball members.

The Moscrop Handicap Cup and Dinner is played in either August or September and is played in a box league format, with the winner and runner-up of each box going through to the knock-out stages, but on different sides of the draw.

It is the best of one game, the winner being the first to score 15-points under normal Racketball rules.

However, only being the best of one game, if the score is tied at 14-all then the winner must win by two clear points.

With it being a handicap, with players being on a negative score to start, then this can result in very close matches for everyone who takes part.

The winner gets three-points, and if the loser scores 12 or more, then they receive a bonus point.

After that it is a straight knock-out, with the winner receiving the cup and the runner-up a plaque.

In 2019 the post competition dinner was a BBQ held in the club’s grounds, with one or two drinks in the bar afterwards.

Winner Keval and R/u Paul 2021
The 2022 Off-Peak Handicap and BBQ will be on Sat 3rd Sept starting at 12:00. The BBQ will be at Martin’s from about 17:00 (tbc once entry nos known) and if you want to enter please contact Richard on:07957 447 432

radjones@ntlworld.com This year’s Christmas lunch was held in-house with Joe supplying the fantastic catering. Naturally a good time was had by all. The Club holds a Christmas Eve Racketball tournament every year. This is a friendly tournament where individuals are randomly selected into teams of three, who then compete on a time basis with scores being carried forward.

Inter-club competitions are something that was added to the calendar in 2019.

The first one was BLTS & RC took a team of 8 players down to the brand new leisure centre in Dover to take on the racketballers down there.

It was a great, friendly competition that was followed by a few beers and fish & chips after.

In 2020 BLTSRC will be holding the first ever inter-club Championships which will be 6 teams of 5 battling it out for the title on 4th April. All followed by a curry and a few beers.
For details of the competition please follow this linkUK Racketball Series hold several open competitions across the length and breadth of the county, including our own club, and many players from the club enter.

For more details please see  http://www.uk-racketball.com/2019-uk-racketball-series.html