If you want a apply to become a member print off our application form, please click HERE

*Family rates cover two adults and an unlimited number of children UP TO AGE 18.

If paying the family rate please ensure the names of all family members are included on the renewal notice together with the dates of birth of each child. 

Members who assist with the day to day running of the Club or serve on Committees may deduct £25 from their membership fee. 

Off Peak Tennis allows use of the tennis courts up to 15:00 between Monday and Friday.

Off-Peak Squash can play anytime at weekends and between Monday and Friday last court to be booked is 16:15 (So off court by 17:00)

Parent Tennis allows either parent to play with their child on tennis courts up to 7pm (with no use of floodlights)
NB – This offer cannot be used by both parents if a gym membership is added.

All fees are due on the 1st February each year – If joining mid year fees will be pro rata.